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Working Paper: Regional Insights into Low Carbon Hydrogen Scale Up, World Energy Insights

The World Energy Council, in collaboration with EPRI and PwC, led a series of regional deep dives to understand regional differences within low-carbon hydrogen development.

Te hau mārohi ki anamata

Aotearoa New Zealand's first emissions reduction plan

Aotearoa New Zealand's first emissions reduction plan: Table of actions

This document forms part of Aotearoa New Zealand’s first emissions reduction plan. It includes more detail about the Government’s actions to deliver emissions reductions, particularly over the first emissions budget period.

The New Zealand Hydrogen Opportunity July 2021

A perspective on New Zealand’s potential role in the emerging global hydrogen economy.

Energy Technology Perspectives 2020

A detailed global review of all key carbon reducing technologies.

Green Hydrogen Cost Reduction

Scaling up electrolysers to meet the 1.5°C climate goal.

Energy Transition Outlook 2021, Technology Progress Report

A review of 10 technologies setting the pace of the energy transition over the next five years.

Making Mission Possible

Delivering a net-zero economy. Follows on from the report: "Mission Possible", published in 2018.

Ināia tonu nei: a low emissions future for Aotearoa

Advice to the NZ Government on its first three emissions budgets and direction for its emissions reduction plan 2022 - 2025.

2021 Draft Advice for Consultation

Draft advice outlining the direction of policy necessary to put NZ on the pathway to reduce greenhouse emissions.

Zero Emission Heavy Transport Solutions for New Zealand

Hiringa Brochure outlining zero emission and heavy transport solutions for the New Zealand market.

Offshore Wind Discussion Paper

This discussion paper lays the foundation to consider offshore wind, as part of our energy future in New Zealand.

A Vision for Hydrogen in NZ

The aim of this Green Paper is to signal the opportunity that hydrogen can bring to NZ and frame discussions for a national strategy.

Mission Possible

Reaching net-zero carbon emissions from harder-to-abate sectors by mid-century.

Establishing a Hydrogen Refuelling Network for NZ

A brochure outlining Hiringa's establishment of a nationwide hydrogen refuelling network for NZ.

National New Energy Development Centre

Introduction to the establishment of the National New Energy Development Centre in Taranaki.

H2 Taranaki Roadmap

A roadmap outlining how hydrogen will play a key role in Taranaki's new energy future.

Tapuae Roa Action Plan

This Action Plan follows the Tapuae Roa Strategy published in August 2017.

Tapuae Roa Energy Futures Action Plan

The Energy Futures Action Plan reflects the desires of the Taranaki energy sector.

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