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eworld 2021 a success!

Thanks to everyone that came to see us at eworld - New Zealand's largest electric vehicle and e-mobility expo - in Auckland this weekend, as we exhibited with our partners at Haskel and Hyundai Motors New Zealand.

We came away from the conference really energized by the number of people excited by hydrogen and interested in the switch to fuel cell electric vehicles.

It was also great to see so many people at the conference recognizing the carbon reduction impact of getting fuel cell electric trucks onto our roads as soon as possible

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at eworld again next year, as our green hydrogen refuelling infrastructure begins to rollout and the first of the HYZON fuel cell trucks hit the ground running!

Paul Peverley (Haskel) and Ryan McDonald (Hiringa Energy) sit in Hyundai's NEXO at our joined eworld exhibit.
Haskel and Hiringa's exhibit at eworld 2021, featuring the Hyundai NEXO.

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