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Hiringa Energy is building partnerships with progressive organisations seeking economic, zero emissions solutions.

We are working to reduce the high upfront costs of technology to develop the first hydrogen infrastructure in New Zealand.

Our first projects are targeting logistics hubs that have significant transport demand in a single location. The sectors we are focusing on include transport and logistics, tourism, industrial chemicals, and primary industry and public sector applications. 

Inspire your staff, your organisation, your community. Energise and position your business for sustainable growth.

Partner with us 

We are 100% committed to developing hydrogen infrastructure in New Zealand to enable the everyday use of clean energy for our industries, towns and cities for generations to come.

We are the first New Zealand company dedicated to the development of zero emission hydrogen infrastructure and the adoption of hydrogen fuel cell technology.

The production and use of green hydrogen for transport and heat and power is in its infancy. We have developed hydrogen specific expertise and know-how that our partners and customers can leverage. ​

We use our relationships with designers and integrators and international technology providers to provide a range of solutions tailored to your operations.

We take care of the generation and supply of hydrogen to international quality and safety standards and provide a staged pathway for introducing hydrogen technology into your operations.

As our hydrogen projects develop across the country you will be making a valuable contribution to New Zealand's transition from fossil fuels, and be able to refuel your fleet at multiple locations. 

Hiringa Energy offers Partners:

  • Complete, flexible, hydrogen solutions - end to end.

  • Peace of mind - technical expertise, HS&E management, reduced project execution risk.

  • Security of supply - we provide hydrogen refuelling for your operations via on-site generation or distribution.

  • Reduced costs - flexible investment model, shared equipment costs and resources.

  • Speed of entry - engineered solutions ready for market, leverage Hiringa vendor relationships and knowledge.

Benefits for logistics & transport:

  • High performance vehicles - instant torque and acceleration, no degradation over shifts.

  • High utilisation - refuelling time and range equivalent to diesel 

  • Small footprint for refuelling infrastructure

  • Reduced long term cost of ownership.

  • Low environmental impact - quiet, zero emissions, no tailpipe pollution, fuel cells 95% recyclable.

  • Zero emissions branding benefits. 

Invest in the future

Most of our projects are joint ventures. This enables our partners to jointly own the supply infrastructure for their operations. 

We also offer infrastructure investors direct investment into new renewable energy and hydrogen infrastructure assets. 

Key Partners

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Let's talk about how, together, we can make hydrogen work for you.

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