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Drawing on our inhouse expertise developed over many decades in the energy sector Hiringa offers Advisory and Management services across the hydrogen value chain to global organizations operating outside of our core investment markets of New Zealand and Australia


Integrated Renewables Development

A ready supply of renewable energy is an important element to developing and hydrogen or power to X project. Our engineering team has the experience and tools to appraise renewable resource oportunities and how to efficiently integrate into hydrogen production.  


Refueling Network Development

Hiringa has developed a suite of network analytics tools to enable rapid development and expansion of our refuelling network. This allows us to optimize the location and size of hydrogen refueling stations, taking into consideration land availability and constraints, renewable energy supply, lines connections, customer demand, safety and network connectivity across large geographic areas.  Using this expertise we work with organizations and governments to build hydrogen network rollout strategies and implementation plans.  


Network Management Services

Hiringa offers operations and management services and data driven optimization platform to efficiently operate hydrogen production and refuelling assets. By utilizing our automated power purchasing, optimization and production scheduling platform we are able to fully utilize the flexibility of electrolysis to drive down the cost of hydrogen production whilst also meeting customer demand.



Equipment Specification and Selection

With a proven track record in specifying, identifying and selecting best in class vendors for supply of hydrogen infrastructure Hiringa Energy can support your project equipment selection and procurement process 


Process Safety and Risk Advisory

Safety is core to our business and underpins everything that we do, we are therefor able to offer process safety and risk advisory services to support projects from early concept phase through to operations


Pilot Project Design and Support

Hiringa's experienced operations and technology team are able to design a pilot program to support proof of concept and feasibility assessments as well as supplying equipment and operations personnel to execute pilot programs

Looking for a development partner?

Hiringa values it's partnerships and sees this collaborative approach as a key enabler to unlocking commercially viable hydrogen projects. If you are looking for a partner to support or lead the development of your Hydrogen or Power to X project get in touch 

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