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Delivered Hydrogen Solutions

Hydrogen delivered to you.

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Hydrogen as a zero-emission fuel can be effective in many diverse contexts.


Below is a list of Hiringa's remote green hydrogen solutions, providing creative ways for businesses to decarbonise.

Our Operations team have successfully implemented these.

For any enquiries please don't hesitate to contact:



Nano - Mobile Refueller

​The Mobile Refueller is a...

  • Hydrogen inlet pressure is limited to 200 bar​.

  • Restricts cascade filling to <200 bar​

  • Onboard storage of 60 kg at 500 bar​

  • 2x 30kg tanks that can be cascaded from separately​

  • Compressor is capable of recharging onboard storage at ~4 kg/hour​.

  • This is effectively the sustainable rate limit of the system (96kg/day).​

  • The compressor is not able to “direct boost” to the vehicle tank​


The Multiple Element Gas Container (MEGC) is a specialized type of container used for storing and transporting hydrogen gas. These containers are designed to safely hold and transport up to 730kg of hydrogen gas at up to 350bar.

The 40’ container is primarily used as stationary storage and can store ~2 days of production, which is enough to fill ~20 trucks. It contains 18 vessels grouped into banks of 3 vessels (6 banks per MEGC). Each bank is protected by a Thermally activated Pressure Relief Device (TPRD).

The 20' container is primarily used to transport Hydrogen between stations.

Each vessel is made of a plastic liner with fiber glass wrap (Type IV) and has 1,700 liter water capacity, which holds 41kg (at 350bar). The vessels are corrosion resistant (unlike steel vessels) and up to 70% lighter than steel vessels.

Capacity: 734kg (40’ container) and 367kg (20’ container)

Pressure: 350bar



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Remote Power (eGSE)

Ground Services Equipment refers to a wide variety of things used as part of airport operations.  It is not a specific type of equipment.​ Examples include (but are not limited to):

Baggage handling carts​

Mobile staircases​

Catering loaders​

General transport carts​


Baggage loaders​

Auxiliary power units for planes​

Aircraft movers​

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