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Hyundai Puts Mighty Fuel Cell Truck into Pilot Test in New Zealand

• Hyundai Motors New Zealand tests the country’s first light-duty hydrogen truck

• The prototype model of the Mighty Fuel Cell truck will undergo a one year customer test in New Zealand to evaluate its performance in the local environment and gain important metrics for future operations

• The Mighty Fuel Cell truck participating in the pilot test is equipped with a 90kW fuel cell stack paired with a 65kW electric motor and a 21kWh battery, delivering an average range of around 500 km1 on a single charge

• The Mighty Fuel Cell truck joins Hyundai’s hydrogen-powered vehicle lineup following its hydrogen-powered NEXO SUV, and XCIENT Fuel Cell heavy-duty truck, marking a pioneering step in sustainable transport

*Driving range and charging times can vary depending on external factors.

Hyundai Motors New Zealand will deploy the first Mighty Fuel Cell electric light-duty truck for a 12-month pilot test program locally. This follows New Zealand’s successful introduction of the XCIENT Fuel Cell heavy-duty truck in 2021 and represents another leap forward in clean transport technology.

The Mighty Fuel Cell is Hyundai Motor’s first hydrogen-powered truck in the light-duty truck segment and will be running on New Zealand’s roads to complete an early pilot program.

This truck is equipped with a refrigerated fitout to demonstrate how green onboard hydrogen energy can be utilised beyond vehicle propulsion. Over the next 12 months, Hyundai New Zealand, along with some key customers, will evaluate its performance in the local environment, showcase the benefits of hydrogen, and gather essential metrics for potential inclusion in its product lineup.

Grant Doull, National Manager of Hydrogen and Eco Commercial Vehicles at Hyundai New Zealand, stated, “The 12-month pilot program marks another significant milestone in our journey towards zero-emission transport and logistics solutions. With the Mighty joining our hydrogen vehicle range, we aim to offer a versatile and clean option for a wide range of local transport needs in New Zealand.”

Mighty Fuel Cell Truck

Featuring a 90kW fuel cell stack paired with a 65kW electric motor and a 21kWh battery, the prototype Mighty Fuel Cell truck excels in high-power output within the light-duty commercial vehicle segment. This makes it ideal for supporting higher energy demands for auxiliary equipment like refrigeration units.

This truck offers a driving range of approximately 500 km per charge and fast refuelling times of 5 to 10 minutes. It is highly efficient for both urban and highway use, aligning well with the local demands for commercial and logistics operations in New Zealand.

Supporting New Zealand’s Unique Transport Needs

Hyundai's partnership with Hiringa Energy and Halcyon Power, who have recently launched the first hydrogen refuelling network, will support these advanced vehicle deployments with green hydrogen and rapid refuelling, ultimately meeting the needs of the country.

By leveraging New Zealand’s abundant renewable energy, hydrogen will be predominantly produced on-site at refuelling stations using water and renewable electricity. The fuel is typically produced off-peak when energy demand is low and stored for refueling when required. This approach will ultimately minimise reliance on imported fossil fuels, help smooth peak demands on the grid, and enable a faster transition to low and zero-emission truck technologies.

Hyundai Proven Reliability, Global and Local Hydrogen Leadership

The XCIENT Fuel Cell truck has demonstrated the reliability and efficiency of hydrogen fuel cell technology, covering over 90,000 km on New Zealand roads with NZ Post in full commercial operations since 2023. Hyundai's global leadership in hydrogen fuel cell technology spans over 27 years, field-proven from real world operations of XCIENT Fuel Cell trucks deployed in ten countries including Switzerland, Germany, the United States of America, and South Korea.

Hyundai Motors New Zealand, a founding member of the New Zealand Hydrogen Council, continues to lead local hydrogen vehicle initiatives, from introducing the first hydrogen passenger vehicle, NEXO in 2018 and the world’s first mass-produced fuel cell electric heavy-duty truck, XCIENT Fuel Cell, to the latest innovation with the Mighty Fuel Cell truck.

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