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Hydrogen safety: busting the myth that hydrogen is more dangerous than other fuels.

"In spite of decades of mounting scientific research that shows using hydrogen power can be a safe, clean and sustainable option to help decarbonize our world, many people are still concerned about hydrogen safety. If hearing or seeing the word “hydrogen” (H2) leaves you quaking in your boots, you might be wondering why many of the world’s scientists, governments and industry leaders are pushing for the research and development of this “dangerous” technology".

Safety is of utmost importance to us at Hiringa, and in a way that we couldn't have said better ourselves, this article Hydrogen Fuel News have published reveals the truth of the matter.

Like all fuels, hydrogen needs to be managed properly and the unique properties of hydrogen understood and considered in the design of hydrogen systems.

We encourage reading the article below to learn more about what really caused the Hindenburg disaster, the nuances between chemical and nuclear reactions, as well as the comparisons of hydrogen fuel to gasoline.

"Today," the article states (and we couldn't agree more), "hydrogen safety is not a myth".

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