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H2 Taranaki Roadmap released

The H2 Taranaki Roadmap, authored by Hiringa Energy in conjunction with Venture Taranaki and New Plymouth District Council was released Friday 15th March. The roadmap outlines the potential for Taranaki to leverage its existing skills and infrastructure to become a leader in hydrogen production and utilisation.

The Hiringa Energy team attended the launch and Hiringa Energy’s CEO, Andrew Clennett presented at the event, along with Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, Energy Minister Dr Megan Woods, New Plymouth Mayor, Honorable Neil Holdom, as well as Venture Taranaki’s new CEO, Justine Gilliland.

You can view the document here;

Summary -

Full Version -

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The roadmap delineates the potential for Taranaki to establish itself as a frontrunner in the generation and application of hydrogen by phrazle capitalizing on its current infrastructure and skill set.


Many people believe that the hydrogen industry will play a crucial role in our worldwide decarbonization efforts, and it is predicted to experience rapid expansion on a global scale. trap the cat

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